Finished Master Theses

Note: MAGHGS = Master Global History and Global Studies at the University of Vienna

Atac, Ilker:

  • Tuitjer, Leonie: Climate-Proofing Refugee Aid:The UNHCR’s Approach to Climate Change Induced Dis-placement and Climate Justice. Vienna, 2013.
  • Vito, Caitlin: The development of a concept Mixed-Migration. Vienna, 2014.

Augustynowicz, Christoph:

  • Isayev, Ismayil: The European Union and Azerbaijan Relations: Eastern Neighbourhood and Energy Cooperation Perspectives. Vienna, 2011.
  • Mahmudova, Fidan: The European Neighbourhood Policy and the South Caucasus. Vienna, 2011.
  • Pilipeno, Xenia: Was Mennonite and Jewish emigration from Eastern Europe at the end of the nineteenth century driven by non-economic factors? Vienna, 2010.

Bachmann, Klaus:

  • Heller, Bettina: Favoring Retribution? A Study on the factors Influencing the Choice of the Transitional Justice Approach in the Aftermath of the Genocide in Rwanda 1994 – 1996. Vienna, 2011.

Borkert, Maren:

  • Falci, Paula: Securitization of Migration Policies in Italy. Vienna, 2011.

Brand, Ulrich:

  • Shen, Yiyi: The common energy framework of the European Union: The Objective of Energy Security in the 2020 to 2030 Climate and Energy Strategy Framework. Vienna, 2016.

Cunat, Alejandro:

  • Gibbs, Harry: The role of values and interests in the process of international anti-bribery legalisation. Vienna, 2013.
  • Guttek, Lukas: Multinational pharmaceutical companies in India 1970 – 2005. A case study of the pharmaceutical industry in India. Vienna, 2013.
  • Holodnyak, Oleh: Decarbonisising Private Transportation: Challenges And Prospects For Electric Vehicles. Vienna, 2013.
  • Bohnhorst Jan: Finance as the driver of Social Innovation.UKs social investment market. Vienna, 2015.
  • Kemp, Kate: Future of Fairtrade. Vienna, 2012.
  • Mohebinejad, Shadi: Biofuel Production in Developing Countries: A key to Sustainable Development? Vienna, 2011.
  • Pabst, Felicitas Hanna: Post-Conflict Economic Recovery: The International Community in South Sudan. Vienna, 2013.

Dannecker, Petra:

  • Peña Franco Samantha, Erika: Diminishing Social Inequalities: BRICS Development Patterns. Vienna, 2013.
  • Heijdelberg, Daphne: What are the ideological developments which have shaped the current climate around low-skilled labour migration to the United Kingdom? Vienna, 2016.
  • Hendow, Maegan: Iraqi Diaspora and Temporary Return Migration: The Role of Opportunity, Motivation and Expectation. Vienna, 2010.

Drekonja, Gerhard:

  • Bushek, Ryan: National oil companies and petroleum states. Challenges of governance and effective management of sovereign wealth. Vienna, 2007.
  • Clapp, Katrina: The endurance of a troubled partnership. Europe, the United States and the Transatlantic Alliance. Vienna, 2008.
  • Ramamurthy, Subramanian: The future of non-proliferation in the light of nuclearization of India. Vienna, 2007.

Duque, B Rick

  • Schau, Erik: Homogeneous Heterogeneity: Rationalization, Cities, and the Impacts of Global Middle Class Mobility, Vienna 2011.

Edelmayer, Friedrich:

  • Abilov, Shamkhal: Legal Status of the Caspian Sea and Delimitation Dispute Between Azerbaijan and Turkmenistan. Vienna, 2011.
  • Andrade, Elias: The Dilemma of Space Debris Treated at the United Nations. Vienna, 2013.
  • Berryman, Nicholas R.: The Senkaku-Diaoyu Dispute: Border Conflict in the East China Sea. Vienna 2014.
  • Binek, Aleksander Andrzej: Syrian Cauldron: Internal Insurrection or Battlefield for the Middle East Hegemony? History, Politics, and Sectarianism. Vienna, 2013.
  • Capobianco-Meinel, Susana: 1552 a 1589 en Bolivia: la Transición a la Democracia desde una Perspectiva Global, 2013. Vienna, 2013.
  • de Vries, Jean Pierre Jacques: The Austrian Armed Forces in Civil-Military Cooperation and its Experience in Humanitarian Relief and Peace Support Operations. Vienna, 2013.
  • Emerson, Seth: African Priests in the US: A Process of Reverse Missions. Vienna, 2011.
  • Friedly, Jake: A Serious Failure: News, Satire, and the 2003 Invasion of Iraq. Vienna, 2016.
  • Geranio,Andrea: Transnational Organized Crime and the Production of Space: The Long Journey of the Archipelago of San Andrés, Providencia and Santa Catalina from Pirates’Haven to Drugs’ Heaven. Vienna, 2015.
  • Goerens, Stephanie: Kanadas Politik des Multikulturalismus vor dem Hintergrund der kanadischen Immigrationsgeschichte. Wien, 2011. (MAGHGS)
  • Halwachs, Christina: Grenzkolonialismus und Zwangsmigration: Manifest Destiny und die Indigenen-Politik der USA. Vom Indian Removal Act 1830 zum General Allotment Act 1887. Vienna, 2016. (MAGHGS)
  • Harry, Cole: The U.S.-Mexico Borderlands and Contemporary Approaches to Border Security, Vienna 2013.
  • Iosif, Iulia: The Impact of Globalization on the Evolution of Minority Languages. Study Case of Catalonia and the Basques in Spain and France. Vienna, 2015. (MAGHGS)
  • Karesky, Michael: Revolution in Egypt: The Economics Behind Mobilization. Vienna, 2012.
  • Kataria, Gaurav: The International Court of Justice Case Australia versus Japan. The Problem of Whaling in Antarctica Waters. Vienna, 2015.
  • Kiehne, Sarah Marie; Funding War & Terror through Appropriated Art & Antiquities: A Syrian Case Study. Vienna, 2017.
  • Kirsch, Charles: Cádiz – Zentrum der atlantischen Welt Die Carrera de Indias und die Vernetzungsprozesse der frühen Neuzeit. Wien, 2012. (MAGHGS)
  • Markle, Katherine: Influenza Pandemics of the Twentieth Century:  An Analysis of their Chinese Origins. Vienna, 2010.
  • Maunze, Esther: Kenya, From Decolonization to Democracy: The Kenyatta-Moi Years. Vienna, 2010.
  • Mekonnen, Mulugeta Bezabih: Land Tenure Reforms in the Highlands of Ethiopia. Vienna, 2011.
  • Meyer, Freya Elisabeth: Feeding the World’s Booming Milk Thirst – How New Zealand’s Mega Dairy Industry Races Its Natural Environment to the Bottom. Vienna, 2017.
  • Palahitskyy, Mykhayl:  Legal and Political Aspects oft the Beaufort Sea Matitime Boundary Dispute between the United States of America and Canada. Vienna 2016. (MAGHGS)
  • Pentchev, Ivaylo T.: Exploring the Friendship Paradigm: Timor Leste in International Relations. Vienna, 2012.
  • Pönsgen, Vera: The Enemy within NATO? – A Historical Analysis of the Anglo-Icelandic Cod Wars (1952-1976). Vienna, 2017.
  • Sleegers, Martinus: The Management of Natural Resources on Celestial Bodies: An Ecological Perspective. Vienna, 2017.
  • Stelzl, Dominik: Globalisierungskritik aus Südamerika. Brasilien im Zentrum des Widerstands gegen die neoliberale Globalisierung. Vienna, 2016. (MAGHGS)
  • Thomas Franz Karl Soder, Der Islamisierungsprozess im osmanischen Südosteuropa: Transregionale und externe Faktoren (15.-19. Jahrhundert), Wien 2013. (MAGHGS)
  • Ünveren, Burak: The Global Politics of Romania-Ukraine Relations. Vienna, 2017.
  • Wondemagegnehu, Dawit Yohannes: An exploratory study of harmonization of conflict early warning in Africa. Vienna, 2009.

Ehmer, Josef:

  • Reisner, Clemens: Internationale Arbeitsmigration und Gewerkschaftspolitik: die österreichisch-türkische Interaktion 1965-1990. Wien, 2010.  (MAGHGS)
  • Schattenkirchner,Sophie: Jetzt ist die Zeit und Stunde da. Wir reisen nach Amerika”: Migrationen aus Bayern in die USA zwischen 1848 und 1952, aufgezeigt an fünf Lebensgeschichten aus Altbayern. Wien, 2013. (MAGHGS)

Eigner, Peter:

  • Suermann, Florian: Ungleichheit und Entwicklung Historische Analyse nationaler und globaler Ungleichheit und deren Bedeutung für den wirtschaftlichen und gesellschaftlichen Entwicklungsprozess. Vienna, 2014.

Engel , Ulf

  • Malwina Dominika Talik: “The New Scramble for Africa” or “a Win-Win Partnership”? – The Case of China’s Engagement in Ethiopia. Vienna, 2013.

Englert, Birgit:

  • Bell, Andrew: One law on the books, another on the ground: Land tenure and land markets in late- and post-colonial Kenya and Rwanda. Vienna, 2011. Won the Price for the Best Master Thesis of the Year 2011 from the Consortium of the Erasmus Mundus Programme “Global Studies – A European Perspective”.
  • Gerbershagen, Ute: Ein Code of Conduct für Agrarinvestitionen. Eine kritische Analyse der Konsultationsphase und deren Akteure. Vienna, 2012.
  • Maunze, Rumbidzai: A History of Debates on Sexuality in Zimbabwe. Vienna, 2009.

Fröschl, Thomas:

  • Stirrat,Daniel Paul: The Darien Scheme and the Union of 1707 between Scotland and England. Wien 2010. (MAGHGS)

Gärtner, Heinz:

  • Podopinska, Tetyana: NАTО-RUSSIА SECURITY CОUNCIL аnd NАTО SUMMIT 2009. Vienna, 2009.
  • Sahini, Thayyib K. M.: Security, power and politics of nuclear energy. A comprehensive security analysis of the US-India civil nuclear cooperation. Vienna, 2007.

Gerlich, Peter:

  • Manepalli, Jayaraj: Emergence of supra-national organisations. Vienna, 2008.

Gerstl, Alfred:

  • Chaudhuri, Bidisha: Global Governance. A route to governing globalization. Vienna, 2007.
  • Dolic, Ines: Education Hubs in Hong Kong and Singapore. Vienna, 2015.
  • Latifa, Inditian: Grounding Globalism through Self-Reflexive Area Studies: A Case Study of Internationalization at the National University of Singapore (NUS). Vienna, 2015.
  • Lin. Yi-Chia: Confucian Model in Internationalization of Higher Education: South Korea and Taiwan. Vienna, 2014.
  • Razalli, Farizal Mohd: East Asian regional integration. the journey since the failure of the EAEG. Vienna, 2007.
  • Seumel, Juliane: The evolution of the Sino-Indian relations since the 1970s between conflict and cooperation. Vienna, 2014.
  • Wynhamer, Annaka: Globalization of Indonesia before and after the Asian financial crisis. Vienna, 2007.

Grandner, Margarete:

  • Arejola, Philip: Protest Transnationalization and Issue Framing in the European Social Movement Context. Vienna, 2011.
  • Avramovska, Elena: The Role of Action Aid International in Shaping and Reaffirming Theories and Practices of Development – From a Charity and Welfare to Human Rights Based Approaches to Development. Vienna, 2013.
  • Belukova, Ekaterina: Russian Emigration to Vienna after the 1917 October Revolution (1917 – 1945). Vienna, 2012.
  • Cassier, Conrad: The Political Economy of Electricity Supply – An Institutional Analysis (South Africa from the End of Apartheid to BRICS). Vienna, 2013.
  • Clement, Anzur Andrew: Divided in Freedom:How British-Colonial Paradigms of Nationhood Influenced Ethnic Landscapes in India, Pakistan and Sri Lanka. Vienna, 2014.
  • Corcoran, Judith: A Fourth Wave? Emigration from Ireland in the wake of the global financial crisis. Vienna, 2011.
  • Dunham, Hannah: Resettlement and Beyond: Civil Engagement in the Integration of Burmese Refugees into U.S. Society. Vienna, 2011.
  • Gadzo, Emina: The ICTJ and the Changing Environment of Global Human Rights. Vienna, 2013.
  • Kawamura, Hideki: East Asian integration. Destined to fail? Vienna, 2007.
  • Klein, Richard: Joint Strike Fighter J-35. A case study. Vienna, 2007.
  • Li, Yuejia: The Politics of UK Pension Reform: From 2010 to 2014. Vienna, 2016.
  • Maher, Kimberly: Actions and Reactions. The Dialectic Formation of Sustainable Capitalism in the Industrial Age and Globalization. Vienna, 2008.
  • Mos, Martijn: Conflicted Normative Power Europe: The European Union and Sexual Minority Rights, Vienna, 2010. Won the Price for the 2nd  Best Master Thesis of the Year 2010 from the Consortium of the Erasmus Mundus Programme “Global Studies – A European Perspective”.
  • Safranova, Irina: Is there such a thing as a ‘new’ British Empire? The case of the Falkland Islands in the context of neoliberal imperialism. Vienna, 2013.
  • Starrico, Juan Ignacio: The French May and the Shift of Paradigm of Collective Action. Vienna, 2011.
  • Stelmaszek, Barbara: Gender Equality in the Afghanistan National Development Strategy. Vienna, 2011.
  • Turner, Aisha: Go, go, Chocolate City: A Portrait of Gentrification, Culture, and Loss in Washington, DC’s U Street Corridor. Vienna, 2016.
  • Vasant, Khushita: Maritime Territorial Conflicts: The Geo-Political Legacy of Guano Islands. Vienna, 2016.

Göbel, Christian:

  • Yang, Yi: Negotiation in Cultural Globalization: The Case of Shaolin Temple. Vienna, 2015.

Grünberg, Georg:

  • Carvalho Bastone, Paula de: Educação de uma perspectiva Freiriana como um Direito Humano estudo de caso: Sertão Nordestino Brasileiro. Vienna, 2008.
  • Lopez-Fogues, Aurora: La construcción del Espacio de Educación Superior América Latina, el Caribe y la Unión Europea. Una apuesta por el diálogo y la cooperación euro-latinoamericanas. Vienna, 2008.
  • Trevisi, Carolina: Proceso de Comunidades Negras (PCN): A Case of “Sceptical Post-Development” in the Colombian Pacific. Vienna, 2008.

Günay, Cengiz:

  • Urbanikova, Andrea: Islamic Activism Organization Theory Approach and the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood. Vienna 2011.

Hanisch, Christoph:

  • Ovejero, Iván: Truth in Transitional Justice: Rethinking the Legalistic Foundations of Truth Commissions. Vienna, 2015.

Heiss, Gernot:

  • Gorlenko, Kateryna: Art to Collect Art: Acquisition Policies of Museums of Modern Art from 1980s to the Present. Vienna, 2010.

Hödl, Hans Gerald:

  • Wang, Jin: Global Citizenship in Baha’i Faith: A Case Study of Baha’is in Vienna. Vienna, 2015.

Höll, Othmar:

  • Dzietczyk,Marta: Regional Security Integration: Case Study of the Southern African Development Community (SADC). Vienna, 2013.
  • Fredj, Sabrina: An Analysis of the Environmental Concern within the Common Agricultural Policy. Vienna, 2010.

Höbelt, Lothar:

  • Villa, Josef: “Evaluation of the Economic,  Constitutional and Social  Discourses between Britain and the New England Colonies between 1763 and 1767.”, 2011 (MAGHGS)

Husa, Karl:

  • Dormann, Franziska: Analysis on three Informal Settlements in Africa – Khayelitsha (Cape Town), Kibera (Nairobi) and Manshiet Nasser (Cairo). Vienna, 2010.
  • Wagner, Linda: Climate Change and Migration.The Impact of Climate Change on Migration and Conflict. – A Study on the Complex and Crucial Social Consequences of Climate Change. Vienna, 2014.

Jobst, Kerstin Susanne:

  • Shemetov, Oleg: Everyday Language Rights as a Reflection of Official Language Policies in Canada and Ukraine (1960s – present). Vienna, 2014.

Kaller – Dietrich, Martina:

  • Agola, June: Aid policies and trade in developing countries: Case study on Kenya Horticulture Export. Vienna, 2011.
  • Ash, Lindsay: Plants, Patents and Power: Reconceptualising the property environment in seeds in the 19th and 20th centuries. Vienna, 2009.
  • Bajpai, Anandita: The Catholic Church as an Education Provider in Puerto Rico 1948-1960. Vienna, 2008.
  • Bexte, Christopher David: Who is talking? The changing definition of peasant and trends in Indian agriculture since the 1990s. Vienna, 2012.
  • Court, Evelyn: Unearthing Power Relations in Global Food: The Biopolitics of the Food System and the Counter-Conduct of Food Sovereignty. Vienna, 2014.
  • Eraso Quintero, Lina Maria: El nuevo moviemento social de los Zapatistas y las contradicciones de un café autonómo dentro de la globalización. Vienna, 2007.
  • Grueter, Dana: The Impact of Marketing on the Development of Bourgeois Culture in Eighteenth Century Britain, and the Case for Tea. Vienna, 2011.
  • Rakocevic, Vladimir: Stateless Warfare in the Balkans: Young Bosnia and the Serbian Irredentism (1908-1914). Vienna, 2014.
  • Smith, Jennifer: An Analysis of the History of Industrial Agriculture, its Environmental Impacts, and Sustainable Alternatives in the United States. Vienna, 2013.
  • Kepkiewicz, Lauren: Choices, Constraints and Changing Diet during the Colonial Period: A Case Study of the Maasai and Ki-kuyu. Vienna, 2010.
  • Misleh, Denise: Agricultura sostenible – resistencia y autonomía campesina en tiempos de globalización. Un análisis basado en experiencias campesinas del estado de Oaxaca, México. Vienna, 2011. Won the Price for the 2nd Best Master Thesis of the Year 2011 from the Consortium of the Erasmus Mundus Programme “Global Studies – A European Perspective”.
  • Music, Goran: 1968 movements in Belgrad and Mexico City. A comparative analysis. Vienna, 2008.
  • Nirgudkar, Nandita: Alternative to Schooling. Vienna, 2008.
  • Schmitz, Simon; Examining Non-State Actor Territoriality- The Case of the maras in El Salvador. Vienna, 2014.

Komlosy, Andrea:

  • Cruz Cobarrubias, Princess Mae dela: Actors, interests, and expectations of the Filipino labour migration to Vienna, Austria early 1970’s-2007. Vienna, 2007.
  • Devoy, Bridget: The Steel Hangover. Regional revitalization in post-steel Pittsburgh and Sheffield. Vienna, 2009.
  • Kuan, Ya-Hui: Politics of Asylum in Western Europe: Case of the United Kingdom. Vienna, 2011.
  • Thomat, Ana-Laura: Ideologies of Identities in the Global Cultural Economy. Vienna, 2008.

Lehner, Erich:

  • Weiler,Desiree: Synkretismen im Sakral- und Profanbau Javas. Eine globalgeschichtliche Perspektive, Wien, 2012. (MAGHGS)

Lehner, Georg:

  • Ewen, Caroline: Großbritannien & China 1793-1842. Vom Teehandel zum “Opiumkrieg”: Der Handel in Canton im frühen 19. Jahrhundert aus britischer und französischer Sicht, Wien, 2010. (MAGHGS)

Luif Paul:

  • Röver, Corinna: Security Concerns in the Arctic. Sweden’s and Norway’s National Strategies in the High North. Vienna, 2013.

Mährdel, Christian:

  • Schiemer, Margarita: Hybride Identität im Sikhismus? Sikhs im Kolonialen Indien. Vienna, 2008.

Mattl, Siegfried:

  • Baskina, Anastasia: From Image to Brand: Marketing Policy of the City of Vienna. Vienna, 2010.
  • Cardenas, Alexander: Football: Origins, Paths and New Dimensions. Vienna, 2010
  • Elmaco, Jenny Lind: Democracy in Latin America and Asia through Transregional Actors Engagement with Civil Society: Case Study of FEALAC and Goles por La paz. Vienna 2010.
  • Mondal, Amrita: Hyperreal world of simulation. The consumption of Bollywood in Vienna. Vienna, 2007.
  • Wohlfahrt, Gisela: Memory, Ethics and Dark Tourism – The contested historical heritage of Anlong Veng District, Cambodia. Vienna, 2010.

Matznetter, Walter:

  • De Klepper, Mirjam:Vienna-Bratislava relationships. Living apart together from the long 19th Century up to now. Vienna, 2015.
  • Ilenya Maria Tretola,: Urban Policy towards Cycling. A comparative study between Copenhagen and Vienna. Vienna, 2012.

Mengel, Ewald:

  • Abdul-Hafiz, Omar: On Art And The State: A study about the conflict between the artist and the state in the light of the works of NgũgÄ� wa Thiong’o. Vienna, 2016.

Middell, Matthias:

  • ArmaÄ�an, Zeynep Tayyibe : An Analysis of the Re-Emergence of the “Turkish Model” in the Context of the Arab Spring. Vienna, 2012.

Mückler, Hermann:

  • Kalina, Michael: A less primordialist view on Fijian nationalism. Wien, 2011. (MAGHGS)

Nentwich, Michael:

  • Riedel von Teschenhausen, Anna Raquel: Role and Challenges of Crowdsourcing and Citizen Science in the Context of the Data Revolution: An Interdisciplinary Approach. Vienna, 2015.

Neyer Gerda:

  • Kim, Sujin: Adoption and Cultural Identity: the Case of Adopted Koreans in Denmark and Sweden. Vienna, 2014.

Nowak, Manfred:

  • Tamvada, Sirish Subramanya: Whose Responsibility? Responsibility to Protect and the Role of the Security Council. Vienna, 2010.

Nowotny, Thomas:

  • Li, Yiran: Global Governance and China’s Participation. Vienna, 2010.

Pokorny, Lukas:

  • Rang,Seon-Young: Die Transferabilität traditionell konfuzianisch geprägter Erziehung und Wertevermittlung in die westliche Kultur. Eine qualitative Untersuchung am Beispiel der zweiten Generation südkoreanischer Immigranten in Wien, Wien, 2012. (MAGHGS)

Pospisil, Jan

  • Dhuru, Radhika: The Universal Periodic Review and the Anti-Bribery Convention: Peer reviews and their effectiveness in pushing legislative reform. Vienna, 2013.

Prokopovych, Markian

  • Ilin, Anna: Enabling and restricting factors for the transnationalization of protest: The case study of extra-parliamentary opposition movement in Hungary 2010-2012. Vienna, 2013.

Raffer, Kunibert:

  • Lorenz, Ulrike: Microlending institutions in Western European countries. A comparative study of performance conditions in France, Spain and Germany. Vienna 2007.

Rathkolb, Oliver:

  • Mayock, Jennifer: The Impact of the US Global War on Terror on Moroccan and Algerian Security. Vienna, 2009.
  • Steff, Joseph: The Discrepancies of U.S. Foreign Policy: Realism versus Liberalism and Policy versus Rhetoric during the Presidencies of Richard Nixon and Jimmy Carter. Vienna, 2011.
  • Wyatt, Claire: Getting Away with Genocide? Transitional Justice in Cambodia through a (post) Cold War Lens, 2011 (MAGHGS)

Reinprecht, Christoph:

  • Wang, Kuo-Chiang: Second-Generation Chinese Immigrant Entrepreneurship in Vienna: Identities and Economic Activities. Vienna, 2008.

Ringel, Felix:

  • Busch Alvarez, Ignacio Manuel: Economic Warfare Financial Citizenship and Subjectivity under Construction. Vienna, 2016

Sieglinde Rosenberger:

  • Reuvers, Shirin: Assisted Voluntary Return and Reintegration (AVRR) Programs in the European Union A comparative study on state-induced voluntary return policies in Europe. Vienna, 2014.

Sarr, Amadou Lamine:

  • Bashir Alhaji-shehu: Ethno-Religious conflicts/Violence in Northern Nigeria. Vienna, 2012.
  • Chanase, Gervin: China’s development cooperation in SSA:A Mixed Blessing? A Case study of Angola. Vienna, 2013.
  • Tschirhart, Christian: Hegemonic? Chinese and European discourses on development in sub-Saharan Africa. Vienna, 2011.

Sauer, Birgit:

  • Firtin, Erol: Muslims in Making of Europe: Citizenship and Public Sphere. Vienna, 2010.

Sauer, Walter:

  • Gorski, Anna: From freedom fighters to governors. Involvement of youth in south African liberation movements in the 20th century. Vienna, 2009.

Schaffar, Wolfram

  • Sukomolchan, Kawisara: Culture for Sale: A Comparative Analysis on ‘ Cool Britannia’and ‘Cool Japan’s Approaches of Nation Branding. Vienna, 2013.
  • Zelichowska, Alicja: Disembodied Societies:A modular study of the darknet as a virtual micronation. Vienna, 2015.

Schicho, Walter:

  • Cupido, Mikhaila: Internal Displacement in Darfur: Actors or Victims in the Current Conflict. Vienna, 2008.
  • Loubser, Reinet: Human Trafficking In Southern Africa. Vienna, 2009.
  • Musau, Berita: Ethnic Conflicts and Transition to Democracy in Africa: Recurrence of Ethnic Conflicts in Kenya (1991-2008). Vienna, 2008. Won the Price for the Best Master Thesis of the Year 2008 from the Consortium of the Erasmus Mundus Programme “Global Studies – A European Perspective”
  • Priewasser, Robert: “Between Authoritarian Rule and Shura: Participatory Elements and Traditions in the Egyptian State since the 19th Century”, Wien, 2012. (MAGHGS)

Schick-Chen, Agnes:

  • Wang, Danlin: Identity and Group Conflict in the First British Embassy to China in 1792. Vienna, 2013.

Schmitt, Oliver:

  • Vorpsi, Irida: Rhetorik und Kommunikation in der Albanischen Politik. Vienna, 2009.

Segert, Dieter:

  • Capurro, Paolo: THE DECLINE OF DEMOCRACY IN EASTERN EUROPE: Focus on Russia, Ukraine, Georgia and Moldova. Vienna, 2016.

Seidl, Monika:

  • Kang, Chia-Ching: Exoticism and Non-White Fashion Models – A Thematic Approach. Vienna, 2011.

Singh, Simron Jit:

  • Kakkar, Deepti: Small Change. Is Microfinance capable of eliminating poverty and empowering women? Vienna, 2010.
  • Parthasarathy, Dharini: Rethinking the Role of Biofuels in Combating Climate Change: the European Union’s Search for a Sustainable Biofuels Policy. Vienna, 2011.
  • Rockenschaub, Lena: The medicalization theory in a discourse of knowledge production under neoliberal conditions. Vienna, 2009.

Sonderegger, Arno:

  • Lukasiewicz,Mariusz: Integrating the South African economy into the British Empire: South African Gold on the Witwatersrand and its Imperial Consequences. Wien, 2011. (MAGHGS)
  • Müller, Felix: Ghanaian Intellectuals and the Nkrumah Controversy, 1970-2008, Vienna, 2012.

Stadler, Friedrich:

  • Schaffellner,Barbara Elisabeth: Der Gesetzesbegriff bei Edgar Zilsel und Hans Kelsen. Wien, 2013. (MAGHGS)

Steinbacher, Sybille:

  • Schneider,Christhard: Die Rolle der O5 während des Krieges und danach. Wien, 2012. (MAGHGS)

Trappl, Richard:

  • Lysaght,Sean Padraig: “Repräsentation und Rezeption – Chinesische Selbstdarstellung im chinesischen Film. Ein Vergleich ausgewählter Filme des frühen 21. Jahrhunderts. Wien, 2011. (MAGHGS)

Uhl, Heidemarie:

  • Golonka,Ona: Protecting Authenticity in the Face of Tourism at the Heritage Site of Hallstatt: The Case of the Austrian town and its Replica in China. Vienna, 2014.

Unfried, Berthold:

  • Maiwald,Ulrike: Der Begriffswandel von der “Entwicklungshilfe” zur “Entwicklungszusammenarbeit” am Beispiel der BRD. Wien, 2012. (MAGHGS)

Vielhaber, Christian:

  • Khoroshavina, Sofya: Sustainable Tourism in Russia. Vienna, 2010.

Vries, Peer:

  • Benirschke,Lea: The Influence of Electricity on Socio-Economic Development. Wien, 2010. (MAGHGS)
  • Geibel,Madeleine: Commodity Chains and Gentlemanly Capitalism: A Study of the Service Sector in the British Empire, 1688-1850. Wien, 2012. (MAGHGS)
  • Gruber, Carmen: At the Edges of the Pacific: Waht the California School means for Japan. Wien, 2010. (MAGHGS)
  • Hacaga, Maciej: The British global hegemony 1763-1914 and energy.The intricate nexus. Vienna, 2014.
  • Hurst, Ashley: One World? The Importance of World History in Modern Geopolitical Discourse. Vienna, 2008.
  • Wang, Mengdi: Mercantile-political Relations of Britain and China in the Early Modern Age A Comparative Case Study of East India Company and Chinese Merchant Xueyan Hu. Vienna, 2014.
  • Zheng, Jing: Why Manchester but not Hangzhou? A Case Study of the State’s Role in the Divergence of the Textile Industry in the Southern Song Dynasty and Britain. Vienna, 2011.

Vocelka, Karl:

  • Mustafa, Fahad: Cricket and Globalization. Global Processes and the imperial Game. Vienna, 2009. Won the Price for the Best Master Thesis of the Year 2009 from the Consortium of the Erasmus Mundus Programme “Global Studies – A European Perspective”.

Wakounig, Marija:

  • Penz, Christine: Wende in Jugoslawien. Erinnerung an den Sozialismus, Wien 2009. (Magisterstudium Globalgeschichte)

Weber, Jutta:

  • Patrick Carlos Petit: A Geography of Globalising Surveillance, Vienna 2016.

Weigelin-Schwiedrzik, Susanne:

  • Chang, Yung Yung: Is Japanese Colonization Unique: A Prelude of East Asian Regionalism. Vienna, 2010.
  • Engelhardt, David: The great leap towards African mass demand, diversification and sustainable economic growth. How China shapes African trade, fiscal and monetary policy ; towards a new era of development aid. Vienna, 2009.
  • Hanisch, Sarah: South-South Migration: the Case of Chinese Migrants in Lesotho. Vienna,2012.
  • Lehman, Jacob: Re-evaluating Traditional Belief Systems in Global Diaspora: New Confucianism and Ba’alei Teshuvah Judaism Examined. Vienna, 2008.
  • Neubauer, Katja: New Partners in Africa? A Comparative Analysis of China and India’s Engagement in Africa. Vienna, 2008.
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  • Wei, Wenfeng: Comparative Perspective on Collective Ownership and Land Distribution in China – Is Privatization a Solution? Vienna, 2010.

Wimmer, Franz

  • Ahmed,Sarra: “A Perspective of the Arab – Islamic Political Philisophy of the 18th and 19th Centuries: An Examination of Egypt’s Religion – Politics Problematic. Wien, 2010. (MAGHGS)

Wimmer Johann

  • Santos, Dos Federzoni Edgar: Projeto Brasil Potência: Brazil and the contest for global power since 1946. Vienna, 2013.

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