Global Studies (Master)

Erasmus Mundus Program (EMGS)

Welcome to the Master in Global Studies (Erasmus Mundus), an esteemed international program spanning two years, designed to foster students' interdisciplinary understanding of global history, global processes and the making of globalization. As part of the Erasmus Mundus Program, students embark on a unique academic journey, spending one year at each of two European universities within our consortium: the University of Vienna (Austria), Ghent University (Belgium), Leipzig University (Germany), the University of Roskilde (Denmark), and the University of Wroclaw (Poland). Grounded in a robust interdisciplinary framework, the program integrates perspectives, methods, and theories from history, cultural and area studies, social sciences, and economics, equipping students to investigate the complex dynamics of global connectedness.

 Research Focus in Vienna

At the University of Vienna, the historical dimension of global processes is especially highlighted. Here, students have a chance to listen to, discuss and research on social processes spanning all world regions across the centuries from the Middle ages to the present. They engage with major theoretical and methodological approaches in global history and global studies that pursue the overcoming of Eurocentric and methodologically nationalist perspectives. They investigate what “the global” was in the past and means in the present.

Besides the courses, the EMGS community is shaped up through social events, excursions, and the participation in the broader scholarly and student community of the University of Vienna. In particular, the EMGS project is strongly connected to the Viennese Global History Group (FSP Globalgeschichte). This comes together in lectures, workshops and monthly meetings to discuss global themes such as “Intersectional inequalities”, “(Im)mobilities” and “Temporalities".