Thesis Formalities

The length of your thesis should be around 80 pages. Please clarify the exact length with your supervisor.
Please make sure to include two title pages, the first one with the logo of the University of Vienna, the second one with the logo of the University of Vienna and the logo of your first year's university.
Birgit Kaiserlehner will provide you with templates of the title pages.
The format of the thesis has to be DIN A4, high size. Margins have to be chosen in such a way that the binding of the hard copies is not affected.
You should use an "established" standard font, e.g. Arial or Times New Roman.
In the thesis, you have to include an English and a German abstract with at least 100 words each.
The two hard copies which you have to submit must be hard cover with double-sided printing.

IMPORTANT: For EMGS students, there is no final oral examination (defence)! You only have to submit yor thesis.

To complete your thesis you, personally, will need to take several steps.


1. Feb-June of study year

At the latest in February, you should have found a supervisor and registered the topic of your thesis with the Study Service Center (SSC) of the Historical and Cultural Studies Faculty at the University of Vienna. Two forms and a proposal that you had elaborated during third semester mandatory course Proposal Workshop (a proposal of your planned thesis) need to be handed in at the SSC on Campus.

a. form „Registration of MA-Thesis topic and supervision“ (form needs to be signed threefold by your supervisor and you).

b. form „Rules of good scientific practice

2. March to August 31st of study Year

You will take the course Graduate College and write your thesis that once finished needs to be approved by your supervisor (he/ she tells you, that you can upload it on HOPLA).

You should inform Birgit Kaiserlehner when you are done with uploading your thesis.

Your Personal Duties at the Faculty’s Study Administration

1. After submitting your thesis to HoPla, please send the Hopla Upload Confirmation to the SSC from your unet email address.

2. Once the plagiarism check has been completed, the e-version of your thesis will be sent to your supervisor for assessment.

3. You will be notified of the assessment from the SSC by email.

4. Please only order the printing of your thesis once the plagiarism check has been successful. You have to submit the two print versions of your thesis within 10 days after your electronic submission at the SSC. You can either submit them during the opening hours of the SSC: or at the porter's lodge on Campus (Mon - Fri 7:00 a.m. - 7:00 p.m.). Alternatively you can send the hard copies to the SSC by registered mail. Please be aware that you are obliged to submit print versions of your thesis (§ 86 UG).

5. You will receive your final certificates from the SSC by email. If you need or want to have the documents as hard copies, please write a mail to the SSC from your unet email address and inform the colleagues about your residential address.