Winter Semester 2020

Course List for Winter Term 2020/21

At the end of the study year you need to have obtained the credits as explained in the registration guide. If there are any questions, write Birgit Kaiserlehner an e-mail or visit her during her office hours.

How to complete your thesis:

In order for you to complete your thesis several steps need to be followed. You can also see them in the process-chart below (an enlargeable version is downloadable at the bottom of this page).

Feb-June of Study year:

You should have found a supervisor and registered the topic of your thesis with the university. For this, two forms and an exposé (a short description of your planned thesis project) need to be handed in at the Studienservicecenter der historisch-kulturwissenschaftlichen Fakultät on Campus:

– form „Registration of MA-Thesis topic and supervision“ (form needs to be signed threefold by your supervisor and you.
– form „Rules of good scientific practice

June to August 31st of Study Year:

You should write your thesis that needs to be approved by your supervisor. When your thesis is approved by your supervisor (he tells you, that you can hand it in), you send the thesis to or

September of Study Year:

As soon as you get the properly formatted thesis back from me, you have to follow several steps:

– Aquire two hard copies of your thesis (We recommend to do it with Lehrmittelstelle, which is right in the main Building)
– Upload the thesis in HOPLA, the official system of the university of Vienna. You need to download the Upload confirmation and sign it.
– Fill out the form „Request for the grading of the MA thesis“ and sign it.
– Fill out the form „explanatory note for the MA thesis“ and sign it.

You then need to carry the following things to the SSC at Campus:

– two hard copies of your thesis
– signed Upload Confirmation from HOPLA
– Signed form „Request for the grading of the MA thesis“
– Signed form „explanatory note for the MA thesis“

You can also See the whole process in this process-chart:

Master Thesis Guide